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After back-to-back Best Ethnic Film nominations at both the 2007 and 2008 GayVN Awards, and with chart-topping hits like Real Urban Stories and Queens Plaza Pickup, this satire of the '70s blaxploitaiton films - but with a lot more flesh - is going to have you sizzling.
We all remember and love that group of '70s B-movies with an all-black cast that the phrase "blaxploitation" (blak'sploi-ta'sh?n) was invented to describe it. Director Rob Greco of Real Urban Men takes a look at the making of these classics and gives you Thugxploitation (Thug'sploi-ta'sh?n). Real Urban Men captures all the fun and technical errors of these unforgettable classics and leaves out two of elements - women and clothing. The focus is always on the non-stop hardcore sex between the hottest black men in New York City, but goes one step further with an original storyline you'll love to watch.

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