The Territory Part 3 - Andre Donovan and Grant Ryan


After overhearing about the investors plan, Grant Ryan sets a trap for developer Andre Donovan to pick him off. The trap? Grant waits on all fours in a jock hoping Andre will take the bait. Without a doubt, Andre falls for it and can't believe what he's seeing before diving in face first to rim Grant's hole. Andre teases with a couple fingers before noticing Grant wants more and slides his giant bare cock in Grant's hole. With Grant's hole clenching his cock, Andre pulls out and face fucks Grant, ass-to-mouth, before lying beside him and fucking his hole some more. They take a quick break so Andre can slurp on Grant's dick before climbing on top of Andre and riding him down to the base. Before Grant is done, Andre has Grant get on his knees and take his load to the face while Grant cums on the forest floor. Faster than Andre can put his clothes on, Grant delivers a sneak attack and ties Andre up. Has Grant's plan to thwart the developers work?

Duração: 00:24:04
Andre Donovan
Grant Ryan
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