Take That Black Dick White Boy


I ain’t gonna lie. I had so much fun filming the ‘Eggplant’ gangbang in FILL 'ER UP, I had no other choice than to do an entire movie with black top men.
BIG BLACK DICKS fucking poor little white boy pink holes. I’m in.
I got mostly Treasure Island virgin bottoms to shut the fuck up and bend over, with a couple of our regular whore holes thrown in. These top men don’t fuck around.
MR. CALI and DEEP DICC have such a great rapport when they fuck together, I wanted to take them out of the gangbang situation and let them do their thing. First separately in 1-on-1’s with BILLY WARREN and ADAM THE LATIN LION, and then BOTH fucking the living bejesus outta HANS BERLIN.

Duração: 02:06:44  Cenas: 06
Adam the Latin Lion
Alex Mason
Big Redd
Cesar Alvarez
Champ Robinson
Damien Brown
Dawn Locke
Deep Dicc
Eli Lewis
Eric Herrera
Hans Berlin
Mr. Cali
Stephen Harte
Texas Bull
Tristan Chase
Tristan Flip
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