Subway Stories - Part 2


When their limo doesn't show up, husbands-to-be Ricky Donovan and Adrian Hart rush onto the subway, knocking each other down! That reminds them of the day they met, on this very same subway line, and the couple reminisce about how they started flirting, then undressing each other and having a hot subway hookup. What better way to celebrate their wedding day than by reliving that first time? They take off their suits and Adrian sucks Ricky's cock, then lowers himself onto it. Ricky goes down on his fiance, then fucks him doggystyle, and the guys get on the floor for some down-and-dirty fucking before they have a simultaneous orgasm. Time to tie the knot!

Duração: 00:24:07
Asher (sc1)
Adrian Hart (black)
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