Sexercise Part 2 - Malik Delgaty and Mateo Zagal


When his roommate Mateo Zagal's Sexercise workout interferes with his game, Malik Delgaty is annoyed, but not as annoyed as when Mateo strips off all his clothes and waves his dick around as he sexercises all over the house! Mateo is angling for a workout partner, so Malik finally gives him what he wants, carrying him to the bed and spanking his ass before feeding Mateo his dick. Malik fucks the bottom doggystyle, then lies back to let Mateo get his sweat on as he rides him. Malik gets his own workout as he fucks Mateo hard, working his arms as he strokes the bottom's dick till Mateo orgasms, then cumming in the bottom's mouth.

Duração: 00:21:13
Mateo Zagal
Malik Delgaty
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