Sex Crazed

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As patient Derek Reed sits in his office, psychiatrist Markie More suspects he is close to gaining insight into Derek's problem. A sex addiction! As Scotty Zee walks out into the kitchen to start his day he's greeted by his mom's new boyfriend Damien Michaels. Casper cannot resist having a grab of Cooper's ass but finally indulging and allowing himself to take a taste of his exposed hole. Bridger finds out that Zak is a runaway in need of basic care. Figuring he can help out a stranger, Bridger offers him a hot shower and a warm meal, but before Zak can indulge, Bridger lets him know that he expects something in return.

Duração: 03:10:52  Cenas: 04
Bridger Watts
Damien Michaels (10s)
Zeke Weidman
Markie More
Scotty Zee
Zak Bishop
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