Schoolboy Fantasies 1


These schoolboys want more than good grades. Schoolboy Fantasies: In this lustfully charming new series from Icon Male, we peek in on male students who have the hots for their professors - and sometimes for each other. Slender teenager Lucca Killian desperately seeks acceptance from rock hard coach Rock in a scorching locker room shower scene, and sexy young Alex Greene is so desperate for professor Adam Russo that he'll do anything to get the older man in bed one last time. Aaron Slate and AJ Monroe are sexually frustrated dorm roomies who turn to each other, and Doug Acre finds solace in the arms of academic father figure Brett Bradley.

Duração: 01:22:46  Cenas: 04
A.J. Monroe
Aaron Slate
Adam Russo (us)
Alexander Greene
Brett Bradley
Doug Acre
Lucca Killian
Rock (cau)
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