Reenlisted 09


Dirk walks in on Johnny B beating off in the room and informs him that Marc Montana will be showing up soon. Johnny is excited to be his first as he sits stroking his cock waiting for him to arrive. Once he arrives, Marc sees Johnny's big cock and soon his clothes are off. Blake Effortly and Bradley Hayes give us a quick introduction and right into it they go. Bradley uses his hands to push his partner down on his dick which makes him gag on it but he loves every minute of it. Ivan D is a big muscular man who spends quality time in the gym. He's glad he can finally get a break and rest up on our bed to show off all his goods. Ivan doesn't waste any time as he begins to take his clothes off. John Hawkins sits down on the edge of the bed playing with his cock and then casually walks off screen and returns fully naked with his hung hard cock out ready to stroke. The speed has picked up and both hands are sliding up and down his hard shaft.

Duração: 02:03:42  Cenas: 04
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