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After Leander gets an intimate massage at Nubius' Nook, he leaves the legendary proprietor a stellar review and a deposit of cum. When headshot model Damian Brooks notices photographer JP Richards sporting a side pipe, he stops the session to suck on the cameraman's head till it shoots. After model scout Chris Harder picks up Jay Alexander in the park, they go back to the studio to ride each other's asses on the casting couch. When Daniel Flores visits Dr. Damian Flexxx for a checkup , the doc diagnoses him with blue balls and treats him with head and anal sex. The inimitable King Noire Strokes his own cock to a crescendo in this masterpiece of masturbation.

Duração: 01:30:17  Cenas: 04
Chris Harder
Damian Brooks
Damian Flexxx
Daniel Flores
J.P. Richards
Jay Alexander (us)
Leander (tt)
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