Man Power

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The latest Hard Friction fuck fest, Man Power, is all about how to pleasure a man. And to pleasure a man you have to understand more than sensation: sucking his huge cock the right way or opening your tight juicy hole for him. Good technique is half the battle. Hot sex between men is also an exchange of power, Man Power. Dominating tops – Jimmy Durano, Damien Crosse, Adam Ramzi and Landon Conrad - hump their men – Seven Dixon, Shawn Wolfe, Sam Barclay and Tyson Tyler – into submission. These tops lock in a gaze that lets their bottom know, 'Relax, I got you." ... in some cases flipping the balance of power before they are through and giving it up sweet in return. That’s Man Power, and you’ll find it here from every powerful start to each cum-soaked finish.

Duração: 01:50:13  Cenas: 04
Adam Ramzi
Damien Crosse
Jimmy Durano
Landon Conrad
Sam Barclay
Seven Dixon
Shawn Wolfe
Tyson Tyler
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