Long Deployment 3

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A Note From Dink ...
If there is anything we've learned around Active Duty it's that both Elijah and Adam are two insatiable bottoms that can take just about any cock you team them up with. And, what's even better is they seem to love every last minute of it. Elijah first took on Barrett Long's massive meat in the first Long Deployment and he swore he'd never do it again. But he's back in our third installment in the series doing it even better than the first time. Little Adam joins the ranks and proves he can take the huge monster just as good and seems to do it with great pleasure. If there's anything I love (and I'm sure you share my fascination) is watching hot little asses take on massive cocks and these two really show us how it's done. Enjoy!

Duração: 02:04:29  Cenas: 02
Adam (ad)
Barrett Long
Elijah (ad)
Hops (ad)
Levi (ad)
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