L Envie


When you're young, handsome, rich and famous you attract admiration - but more often than not you also attract envy. In L'Envie, Antony Volski, renowned Bolchoi ballet dancer and son of a rich Peruvian property developer, is about to live the most eventful 24 hours of his young career in the captivity of a gang of bandits all with wonderful physiques but absolutely no scruples. Will this young star wake from this salacious nightmare? If so, in what state? Filmed entirely on location in South America in natural surroundings and with seven actors recruited locally, this film takes you on a journey through Lima's downtown and the surrounding areas. Two hours of exotic thriller near a not-so-pacific ocean!

Duração: 02:04:48  Cenas: 06
Etnias: Europeus 
Tonny Ibanez
Renzo Rey
Mario Casanova
Eduardo Lescano
Cali Solis
Andres Torres