L Avarice aka Greed and Lust

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Under the heavy heat of a country summer, the physical vigor of these blossoming young men shines through, no holds barred, in an unrivaled natural setting. In the Perigord in 1878, Julot - a young beggar - is robbed by the lewd and greedy village priest. To get his full purse back, Julot must pay with his soul by going to the presbytery at sunset. The pious deacon, the groom from the chateau and the Sri Lankan servant all contribute to him getting justice when an accident happens.

Duração: 01:08:00  Cenas: 04
Estilos: Atleticos Faixa Hetaria: Jovens Video Tipo: Comhistoria Fantasias: Padre 
Aaron Starr
Eric Angeletti
Kenny Carlson
Miguel de Palma
Vittesh Rajmandani
Ivan Cavalli