Kiss and Tel Aviv


Descrição: Towering over the Mediterranean coastline, Tel Aviv, the crown jewel of Israel, glows under the burning Middle Eastern sun. Recognized around the globe for it’s booming economy, world-class beaches, and thriving nightlife, the city is alive with locals and tourists alike looking for action. And our cast of handsome hung superstars knows just where to find it. Kick back and enjoy this breathtaking adventure where Rocco Steele and Kayden Gray DP power-bottom Ashley Ryder on a rooftop overlooking the city, then Ryan Rose’s prayers are answered when he gets fucked by Kayden in the crashing waves on the local bay beach… and much more in Kiss and Tel Aviv

Duração: 1:52:00  Cenas: 04
Ashley Ryder
Josh Milk
Kayden Gray
Ken Rodeo
Klein Kerr
Massimo Piano
Rocco Steele
Ryan Rose
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