Joey 1


After trying his hand as a top, Joey called us up and said he really wanted to go back to bottoming. “It was fun and all...but I really like bottoming better. It feels good and its waaaay more fun.” That phone conversation pretty much sums up our boy Joey. We’ve included his first topping scene with Atticus in this movie, as well as 3 scenes where Joey takes a dick like no other. You’ll also see Joey and his scene partners on a boat, at the gym, at a horse ranch and on a mountain, but we know you’re most interested in seeing his hungry hole swallow up a shaft. Like Joey, you’ll keep coming back for more, we’re absolutely sure of it!

Duração: 02:01:13  Cenas: 07
Atticus (sc1)
Eddie (sc2)
Joey (sc2)
Mac (sc2)
Oliver (sc4)
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