In Deep (Titan)

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Now you've done it. Caught between a rock and a hard place, you have to rely on animal instinct to get out of a sticky situation. You're In Deep, but thankfully these studs are willing to look the other way... so long as you do what they say. Hung David Anthony gets creative when collecting his fee from shop worker Christopher Daniels, the two soon having their way with mechanic Tibor Wolfe's holes.Misplacing his money, hard-up muscle hunk Mack Manus strips down to pay pizza man Kieron Ryan with cock instead of cash. One look at Race Cooper's bubble butt is all it takes to send Tristan Jaxx over the edge, their rock-hard rods soon engaged in a heated bedroom fuck.

Time 1:48:00

Duração: 01:48:41  Cenas: 03
Christopher Daniels
David Anthony (00s)
Kieron Ryan
Mack Manus
Race Cooper
Tibor Wolfe
Tristan Jaxx
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