Hungry for You

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When Gunner knocks on the wrong door, Dalton Riley just assumes he's the escort he called. Gunner seems confused when Dalton whips his cock out, but decides he can still be of service here. After looking for a place where Leo Luckett can stay, step-brother Ty Thomas comes up with an idea. He can stay at his place if he sucks Ty’s dick. Leo wonders if he’s serious, but glancing over at the bulge in Ty's jeans gives him a definitive answer. Jay Dymel plays keep away but Derek Wulf is more interested in something else, and when Jay looks up at him, Derek bends down and kisses him hard on the lips. Both guys are half naked on the couch, Jay on his knees, with Derek's cock in his mouth. Jason Richards agrees with Mark Long that Archer Hart really just needs to relax a little before the audition. Archer finds himself kneeling on the floor with a cock in each hand, as he alternates between the two. .

Duração: 02:01:24  Cenas: 04
Archer Hart
Dalton Riley
Jessie James (tgs)
Sheridan (sc1)
Jason Richards
Jay Dymel
Leo Luckett
Mark Long (ndm)
Ty Thomas (white)
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