Guerrilla Troops 03


Active Duty is pleased to present Guerrilla Troops 3 - Johnny wraps his fresh recruit mouth around Quentin's hard waiting cock. Quentin wants to see just how good this rookie really is. Quentin loves the sultry BJ he is receiving but he wants to get his mouth stuffed with that big cock of Johnny's. Ryan loves to be gagged as he forces that thick cock deep down his throat. Spencer has never had his cock sucked by a man but the look on his face he loves the feeling of a man's mouth. Spencer's cock is hard and ready as Ryan bends over for him and he slowly pushes into him. Spencer has never had his cock inside a man yet he thrusts deep into Ryan as if it wasn't his first. Solo performances from new recruits Ryan V and Rico complete our latest super hot DVD!

Duração: 02:05:52  Cenas: 04
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