Grease Guns

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Here it is! The absolute best antidote for the blahs in 1994. It's just what you need. Whether the excesses of the holiday season left you dragging a bit or sent you in search of a new high, GREASE GUNS is the perfect answer.
Need your chassis overhauled? Have we got the guys for you!! Need a tune-up? Pistons recalibrated? Pipes blown out? System rewired? Fuel pump unblocked? Battery recharged? Oil changed? A really good fuck? Our guys have the equipment and know-how to do it all-and do it expertly. They're waiting down at the Palmer Repair Shop. GREASE GUNS auto/body specialists have just what you're looking for.

Duração: 01:37:07  Cenas: 05
Videos Aleatorios: Studio 2000
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