Going Under (JetSet)

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Dr. Larson (Kent Larson) hypnotizes potential client Derek Cruz, who needs help to quit smoking. He provides him with a post-hypnotic suggestion to quit smoking, but then introduces an additional post-hypnotic suggestion that makes Cruz want to suck cock any time he craves a cigarette. Cruz leaves and we find him walking through a park when he sees a man (Trevor Knight) on a bench. He approaches and cruises him to perfection. Soon they are back at Trevor's house—let the sucking begin. Cruz goes down on Trevor Knight in seconds flat. Knight's cock is a beautiful sight. Knight decides to take advantage of Cruz' hot little ass with some tongue-action. New to the business, Cruz comes to life when Knights'' tongue touches his hole. That's real sex. No one acts that good and Cruz' cock pops rock hard to attention to prove it. Shortly after, they both blow their loads—Knight's erupts like a volcano. In the post-coital moments, Knight goes to light a cigarette, activating Cruz's post-hypnotic suggestion once more and the cock-sucking begins afresh!

Duração: 01:49:03  Cenas: 05
Bobby Williams (white)
Clint Peak
Derek Cruz
Ivan Andros
Kent Larson
Park Wiley
Shane Collins (us)
Travis Carlson
Trevor Knight
Tyler Stuart
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