Glamping It Up - Arad Winwin and Nate Grimes


Arad Winwin and Nate Grimes can't go out for their anniversary this year, but they decide to make the best of it. Nate decorates their home with a sexy glamping theme to surprise his man, and the guys relax and feed each other chocolates before sensually kissing. Nate gives Arad a slow, sensuous blowjob, then Arad undresses Nate and sucks his cock before rimming him. The top teases Nate's hole with his hard dick, then eases inside in doggystyle. The lovers gaze into each other's eyes as Arad penetrates Nate missionary, and the bottom rides his husband until he orgasms, then eagerly takes a facial.

Duração: 00:41:57
Nate Grimes
Arad (ndm)