Fresh Cream Tasting - Gianni Maggio and Jonas Brown


Our Italian stallion Gianni Maggio sometimes loves to spend the morning in the kitchen, preparing sweeties and cakes. Today he gets the special help of his Latin friend Jonas Brown, always eager to eat some delicacy. Watching Gianni at work with fruits and fresh cream, Jonas is tempted to provoke and play with him. The Italian goes along with it and brings out his huge dick to plant all that hard meat deep inside his deep throat. After a long sucking session Maggio returns the favor, spreading fresh cream all over Brown's ass and taking a taste of his juicy man-hole. There's no need to lubricate more than! Gianni sticks every inch of his raw monster cock inside the willing ass, making it disappear as if by magic and pounds Jonas with no mercy until spraying thick milk all over his body and hole!

Duração: 00:24:32
Gianni Maggio
Jonas Brown
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