Family Dick 14


If you're like me, you love jerking off to stories or videos of dads having sex with their stepsons. In high school, I fantasized about getting fucked by my stepdad or sucking off my step-brother. Now I get older men to send me videos with their stepsons and I figured I'd share them with you. So grab your dick and enjoy.
In Family Dick 14, Tristan is up to typical teen antics, but his rebellious phase has been lasting quite a while and his step dad is getting worried. The young boy is rude, lazy, abusing substances, and causing harm to those around him. His beefy, muscular old man knows that a kid this stubborn requires some unconventional parenting. He's willing to do whatever it takes to straighten his boy out, even if that means fucking the revel out of him.

Duração: 01:18:29  Cenas: 04
Sean Duran
Tristan Hunter
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