Cherry on Top

Mixdrop Outros

Ace Quinn has planned a special surprise for his boyfriend's birthday: He leaves a note on the door telling him to come in and eat his cake, then waits, blindfolded and on all fours, with a mouth-watering cupcake balanced on his spread ass! But before Ace's BF can come home, stranger Markus Kage sees the birthday surprise and decides to take it for himself, slipping inside and slipping his tongue into Ace's ass! Markus tastes the cupcake before feeding Ace his dick and then pounding his ass... which is when Ace's man arrives, and no sooner storms out. Markus has been doing such a great job fucking his ass, though, Ace wants to keep going! He takes that dick till he cums and Markus gives him a creampie, then for the cherry on top, feeds Ace a cum-dipped cherry.

Markus Kage
Ace Quinn
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