Catch 22


You’re in a hard place if you don’t—and a harder one if you do. Whatever move you make, trouble awaits. Get caught up in a Catch 22 you can’t resist as TitanMen exclusives Eddy CeeTee and Eric Nero pose a sexy split decision. As the mirror captures every sweaty thrust, hung Eric Nero and Adam Herst swap sucks and fucks in a steamy bedroom encounter with a ball-banging finish. With their furry muscle bods grinding against each other, Adam Champ and Donnie Dean blow each other’s thick dicks before Donnie offers up his tight jock ass. Surfacing from the pool with his furry pecs soaking wet, Eddy CeeTee flashes a smile for tall and tattooed Hugh Hunter—who helps them both get wetter in an aggressive, grunt-filled fuck.

Duração: 02:10:49  Cenas: 03
Donnie Dean
Adam Herst
Eric Nero
Eddy CeeTee
Hugh Hunter
Adam Champ
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