Brutal 2


A man’s world is world of aggression. He wants to conquer and take what he wants, in life and in sex. That struggle makes a man decide who he’s going to be. Thrust in the face of total domination some men submit, some fight back, some champion, some get Brutal.
Fighting and fucking, fucking and fighting! Angelo Marconi slinks back to the gym with his tail between his legs and apologies to owner and trainer Ricky Sinz. The two have been though some bouts but now are ready to get down to business. "Are you ready to take this fucker down?" ask Sinz. "I'm ready," Marconi replies. The saga concludes in Brutal Part 2.

Duração: 1:35:00  Cenas: 05
Alexsander Freitas
Angelo Marconi
Brandon Bangs
Brenn Wyson
Hugo Milano
Phenix Saint
Race Cooper
Ricky Sinz
Rusty Stevens
Tommy Defendi
Trent Diesel
Gavin Sovet
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