Battle Cry 3

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Today we've got something really special for you in our latest release, Battle Cry 3. Dorian, Conrad, Payne and Kaden all come over one Saturday to hang out by the pool and spend some time in the hot tub. One thing leads to another and by the time the party moves indoors, we've got four really horny dudes on our hands. Conrad bites the bullet and decides to bottom for the very first time and he chooses Dorian to do it for. Kaden also gives it up to Payne in this scene and what a hot fourway we've witnessed by the time it's all over. The guys play and roughhouse out in the pool and suddenly Payne disappears. I find him jerking his hard uncut cock in the living room as he watches some porn. Doesn't take long for the others to follow his lead. Jack also returns with Chaz and they team up with Domenic for some really hot action.

Duração: 01:38:26  Cenas: 02
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