Ass Controller

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Paul’s boyfriend is out of town for a week and gets him an electronic butt plug so he can play with his juicy ass from afar. Things get hot at the wrong time when Paul interviews with Kit and the toy is unleashed.

Topher gifts his boyfriend Timothy with an ass controller. Timothy is having way too much fun with his new toy and Topher gets a little jealous. Not one to be outdone and certainly not by a toy; he shows him who does it best.

Ryan invites Thyle over for a dinner date with friends; little does he know, he's in for an extra treat as Ryan surprises him with an ass controller. It's all fun and games from there!

Cliff buys an ass controller for Aston and sends him on his way to work. He's excited to test it out on his ass and is having a little too much fun, which sends Aston into a horny frenzy. He can't wait to get home so he can get fucked by Cliff's big dick.

Duração: 01:25:56  Cenas: 04
Aston Springs
Cliff Jensen
Kit Cohen
Paul Canon
Ryan Bones
Thyle Knoxx
Timothy Drake (10s)
Topher Dimaggio
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