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A NATIONAL EXCLUSIVE made just for us! Bel Ami had never created released a special title for just one retailer... until now. We started our amazing collaboration with the iconic studio with the smash Forgotten Treasures. For our second one, the studio knew they had to up the ante. And you can't get any bigger than Joel Birkin. Featuring Joel coupled with some of their most beautiful and hung boys - including Rhys Jagger, Christian Lundgren, Jens Christensen, Marcel Gassion, Damian Chapelle, Marc Ruffalo, and Sven Basquiat - over the course of five juicy episodes, this is one you need to own. It's time for you to truly know All about Joel.

Duração: 01:38:40  Cenas: 05
Damian Chapelle
Christian Lundgren
Jens Christensen
Joel Birkin
Casey Slater
Marcel Gassion
Rhys Jagger
Sven Basquiat
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