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Souvenirs X aka Uncut Memories


Here is the story of 5 friends who meet up and relive the sexual exploits of their younger years. Gabor tells us about his fantastic time with 2 extremely well hung farmers. Michel goes on about being fucked by his masseur. Then, Attila relives his wild times with a mechanic and his enormous cock. As for Imre, he's very much into the heated atmosphere inside the gym. To finish with, Jérémy makes us go crazy with his stories of wild stallions. These tales obviously give our young lads glorious hard ons and soon enough they are all over each other! Juicy endings, then!

Lançamento: 2000
Qualidade Imagem: Media
Cenas: 06
Duração: 1:56:00

Ivan Mrozek
Pal Szakacs
Csaba Zsiros
Joe Calderon
Alexei Gromoff
Tomas Dombai
John Valko
George Vidanov
Sandor Sablon