Je suis une Pute First Time Escort aka Payload

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Silvio's call boy business skims its cream from the top of the Prague gay sex market. It's the male version of Heidi Fleiss's business plan, Czech style. From the exquisitely decorated, lavishly furnished mansion that is his base, to the vintage wine and gourmet food he serves, the atmosphere exudes only luxury, and his reward is a high-end clientele to do a man whore proud. Silvio is played by the incredibly hunky Julian Vincenzo, a gorgeous find, the latest in a string of stunning High Octane headliners

Duração: 1:37:00  Cenas: 06
Adam Kubick
Fredy Costa
Jayson Martinez
Samuel Dolce
Julian Vincenzo
Peter Totti
Randal Sheldon
Lance Selleck
Mario Danza
Mack Thomas
Mikhail Ryzkov
Denis Taylor
Chad Valenta
Zeb Kelly