Hard Action

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Hard Action is full of youthful men doing youful things to each other. Youthful Chris Jennings drops trou' at the drop of a hat. Next, he and his youthful buddy Justin Winger catch rays and surf at the beach, then youthfully explore some uncharted territory in thier youthful friendship. Later, Chris gardens and shows Ted Cox how to plow his back forty. Finally, legendary youthful superstar Lance does some vintage showing off (taped in 1982 never before released!). This famous blond, sporting a crewcut at the age of 18, shows off his huge tool while floating in a backyard pool.... in a very adult yet youthful way.

Lançamento: 1991
Cenas: 04
Duração: 1:12:00
Qualidade Imagem: Media

Hard Action CoverHard Action Cover
Faixa Hetaria: Jovens