Destroying Logan Moore

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DESTROYING LOGAN MOORE is all about our biggest obsession here at TIM: men breeding each other into fuck-all oblivion, lust-possessed topmen hole-wrecking their willing prey. Of course, we’re especially proud of the crazy final scene in which LOGAN MOORE offers up his perfect, hungry ass. He told us he could take anything TIM had to offer, no problemo! But by god, we surprised him by getting together a group of studs with a total length of four fuckin’ meters (yeah, that’s four yards!) of raw veiny cum-drippin’ cockmeat. When he arrived at our London dungeon, LOGAN was sure of himself at first, and thought he could handle all that dick until -- well, you’ll wanna see this for yourself. Featuring six lurid fuck-scenes with trashy horny men from all over Europe -- if you dig sexy accents you’ll be in fucking heaven. We turned the subs’ asses into cummy United Nations for human DNA. Featuring a who's who of European Porn -- most of ‘em fucking bareback for the first time -- including Hans Berlin, Dmitry Osten, Dominique Kenique, Issac Jones, Justin King, Korar Darver, Sergeant Jonas Jackson, Felix Strike, Sergio Moreno, and 10" top Ronnie English, plus many more breeders.

Duração: 01:52:08  Cenas: 06
Justin King
Sebastian Evans
Dave London
Dominique Kenique
Dmitry Osten
Felix Strike
Dimi Brutal
Sergio Moreno
Hans Berlin
Logan Moore (le)
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