Power fucker Jaxton Wheeler likes to call the shots. In this first part of the Abandoned series, Cody Smith obediently fulfills all of Jaxton's wishes. Handcuffed to a bedside table until further notice, Jaxton eventually returns to ravage Cody's ass until he shoots his hot load all over him, only to leave him once again, shackled and begging for more. Jaxton Wheeler has men tied up all over town. His next stop is with eager bottom Max Wilde who is rigged in a ball sling harness. Jaxton throatfucks him into submission before thrusting his meaty piece deep inside Max's insatiable ass. This is certainly deep dicking at it's finest. When Pierce Hartman finds a special delivery at his door, he gets right to work stuffing the contents of the package in his ass. By the time Jaxton Wheeler finds him, his hungry hole is primed for fucking. Jaxton does not hold back, turning Peirce into his little plaything like the true savage he is. In this over the top series finale, Jaxton Wheeler's sexual appetite reaches a fever pitch. With all his boys gathered in one place, these dickmatized hotties create a tower of ass for his pure pleasure, causing Jaxton to unleash his power like you've never seen before. This raw fuckathon will leave you panting for more!

Duração: 01:43:06  Cenas: 04
Pierce Paris
Max Wilde (da)
Cody Smith
Jaxton Wheeler
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